Anuraag Das | Humans of Magic

Anuraag Das is a Magic streamer specializing in guerrilla Magic tournament coverage. He streams at




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0:01:30 “where I am as a content creator has shifted”
0:05:26 from playing Magic to covering Magic
0:09:15 what is “meaningful” when it comes to content?
0:15:39 developing one’s streaming brand
0:17:11 monetizing coverage – the harsh reality
0:31:37 sponsorships
0:36:08 the entitlement mindset trap
0:40:17 intrinsic creator motivation
0:47:15 start with YouTube, not Twitch
0:57:12 finding the right business partner
0:58:42 Anuraag’s 2022 events coverage retrospective
1:06:40 the challenge of freelancing coverage
1:14:18 commentary – “there aren’t enough opportunities”
1:21:27 working without constraints / taking risks as a smaller broadcaster
1:30:49 GP Reid Duke – player as commentator – possible today?
1:34:29 documenting the coverage journey itself
1:40:07 thoughts on where Magic is going


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