Reid Duke | Humans of Magic

Reid Duke is the Pro Tour Phyrexia champion and a member of the Magic Hall of Fame.




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0:01:30 aftermath of winning the Pro Tour
0:06:23 coming back from a 0-2 deficit in the PT Top Eight
0:10:33 Reid’s Pioneer deck – “I had no expectations”
0:14:20 Reid’s testing house and making collective judgments
0:16:55 Reid on Kai Budde – “he’s superhuman”
0:20:05 key “turning points” of Pro Tour Phyrexia
0:24:32 how does Reid feel about his legacy?
0:30:15 the next milestone – winning Worlds
0:32:49 preparation and the road less traveled – Reid’s learnings
0:36:34 on speaking the metaphorical language of your teammates
0:41:10 on Organized Play and the return of the Pro Tour
0:48:56 casual vs. tournament Magic – it’s not a competition
0:51:04 how James feels about competitive Magic today
0:55:08 Reid’s edge in playing paper tournaments
0:58:00 what makes a truly great player – consistent excellence
1:02:28 Reid’s life over the past couple of years


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