Humans of Magic is a series of 1:1 interviews conducted with Magic players. The focus is on the players’ backgrounds, motivations, and overall Magic career.

I’ve realized that many folks enjoy reading the interviews. To address this need…

I am launching the Humans of Magic book — full-length interviews with some of the most amazing Magic players and personalities on the planet.

Whether you are trying to become a better player, or just interested in knowing more about the biggest names in Magic, there is something in here for everyone. I promise that these will be the most in-depth interviews with Magic players that you will ever read.

Players featured in the book, in alphabetical order:

  • Michael Bonde
  • Christian Calcano
  • Roland Chang
  • Bryant Cook
  • Paulo Vitor Damo Da Rosa
  • Caleb Durward
  • Thomas Enevoldsen
  • Bob Huang
  • Wilson Hunter
  • Gerry Thompson
  • Noah Walker
  • Jarvis Yu

That’s right. We feature Hall of Famers … Magic pros and grinders … awesome content creators … it is all here. All in all, a GREAT representation of the Magic community. 

Please support the project by getting a copy of the book once it’s released!


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