Julian Knab | Humans of Magic

Julian Knab is the host of the Everyday Eternal podcast and creator of the Legacy Premier League.




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0:03:11 who is Julian Knab?

0:08:31 the competitive mindset

0:13:37 producing the “Everyday Eternal” podcast

0:20:50 edutainment and authenticity for creators

0:27:41 what is the Legacy format, and who is it for?

0:37:24 Commander’s effect on Legacy

0:47:11 fighting perfectionism – and balancing pragmatism

0:53:13 Julian’s quality bar for competitive Magic content

1:04:23 looking back on 2022 – podcast highs and lows

1:13:38 why are American Magic tournaments so badly run?

1:25:33 Magic players and Expected Value

1:29:59 Julian’s 2022 as a commentator – highs and lows

1:34:13 looking ahead – career moves, life decisions, agency

1:43:00 on self-limiting beliefs

1:48:00 find out what you enjoy…and build around it

1:54:18 James’s fear of the new / James wants to reconnect with Magic

2:06:49 James is a new person after the Shanghai lockdown


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