Josh Lee Kwai | Humans of Magic

Josh Lee Kwai is the CEO of The Command Zone, and the creative force behind Game Knights and Extra Turns.




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Timestamps: Audio Version

0:01:50 Miles Davis and Larry Bird
0:06:27 maintaining the crazy
0:11:55 YouTube and the competitive landscape
0:17:57 the real work begins when you think it’s “done”
0:22:11 kill your creative darlings
0:25:30 how Josh develops the right company culture
0:29:26 the four key values of the Command Zone
0:37:10 how Josh keeps himself honest – his circle
0:40:30 Josh’s relationship with The Professor
0:45:16 Command Zone is about entertainment and fun (above all else)
0:48:48 the art of the nuanced position
0:54:35 leading by example / pursuing things you love
0:59:20 responsibility and control – the turning point
1:03:21 what Josh learned from working in the restaurant industry
1:05:36 Josh’s childhood / the high school “decision”
1:10:15 Josh studied theater and improv in college
1:11:27 Josh’s parents and siblings / growing up in a small town
1:16:31 on being mixed race
1:23:34 is Josh an introvert? / all-in, or stop
1:25:22 creative influences for Command Zone
1:27:54 the movie trailer creation process
1:36:58 on previews and preview-marketing
1:41:27 maintaining the fun energy of Game Knights
1:44:57 how to keep it fresh – Command Zone and Game Knights


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