Jean-Emmanuel Depraz | Humans of Magic

Jean-Emmanuel Depraz is a professional Magic player from France. He is the 2017 Grand Prix Warsaw winner and second-place finisher in the 2021 World Championships.




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0:01:40 intro
0:03:13 on walking and thinking
0:07:04 Legacy European Championships
0:10:31 the team testing process
0:17:15 on meditation
0:23:50 mindset while playing Magic
0:32:55 Magic origin story
0:39:33 why JED wants to focus less on Magic now
0:43:14 creating content vs. playing Magic
0:50:38 taking Magic breaks
0:57:27 what casual play means to JED
1:03:22 being “in the zone”
1:10:56 GP Warsaw – “the best day in my life”
1:18:47 the lows of full-time competitive play
1:23:47 the Magic Pro league experience
1:29:10 captaining the Team World Cup
1:31:18 the MKM dream-crush story
1:39:10 view on open decklists in tournaments
1:46:19 where JED’s love for Limited comes from


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Humans of Magic

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