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MTGNerdGirl is the CEO of TCG Studios and the founder of Degenerate Gaming and Tournament Grounds. Her new Commander show is called “Decked Out.”




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Timestamps: Audio Version

0:02:00 MTGNerdGirl’s overall Magic 30 experience
0:08:58 preparing for Magic Summit
0:11:15 on managing multiple projects and possessing no chill
0:16:04 MTGNerdGirl’s Magic origin story
0:19:25 MTGNerdGirl’s poker career
0:24:04 initial foray into streaming / building an audience
0:30:28 staying motivated as a creator / advice for fellow creators
0:36:15 Degenerate Gaming – “building something larger than yourself”
0:41:39 Veggie Wagon
0:45:03 building the Decked Out show
0:51:19 pre-recorded vs. live content
0:55:57 content planning for the long term
0:59:09 MTGNerdGirl’s thoughts on Twitch vs. YouTube
1:05:39 thoughts on Magic’s direction as a game
1:09:04 looking back – growing as a creator
1:12:04 breaking the 4th wall
1:18:11 MTGNerdGirl – how did she come up with the name?




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Humans of Magic

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Video review by Tolarian Community College


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