Brian David-Marshall | Humans of Magic

Brian David-Marshall is a Magic player, Magic Pro Tour historian, and co-founder of Neutral Ground.




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Timestamps: Audio Version

0:04:00 on being starstruck
0:07:56 Brian on family
0:13:03 Brian’s comic book career
0:23:10 letter from Jerry Siegel / Brian starts his own comic business
0:30:17 first contact with Magic
0:37:51 being part of Magic’s earliest tournaments
0:43:43 Neutral Ground
0:50:10 memorable interactions with Magic players
0:56:07 historical context – early era Magic, Alpha to Revised editions
0:59:51 opening a Revised edition booster pack at Magic 30
1:00:54 the early days of Wizards of the Coast / Wizards sanctioned events
1:05:58 Richard Garfield introduced Booster Draft to Brian (!)
1:09:24 thoughts on the Magic Hall of Fame
1:16:34 Dr. Garfield’s legacy / the first IRL net-deck ever
1:20:18 James’s love letter to the Star Wars CCG
1:24:27 Brian’s start in Magic coverage / the Aaron Forsythe email
1:35:19 standing on the shoulders of coverage giants
1:40:29 “coverage is pretty lonely”
1:43:43 “is Jon Finkel the greatest ever?”
1:51:48 what kept Brian in coverage for so long
1:55:48 most memorable commentary interviews / art of conversation
2:05:50 Brad Nelson
2:11:03 the overall metagame of Magic
2:14:13 thoughts on coverage in 2022 / Hall of Fame induction wishlist
2:21:15 the evolution of pro players shifting to Commander
2:24:24 the era of perfect information
2:27:47 recording Shuffle Up And Play with The Professor and Sheldon Menery
2:38:06 Brian interviews James about Star Wars / “Andor is f***ing great”




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