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Alex “Higher” Heyer is a content creator specializing in the Competitive Elder Dragon Highlander (CEDH) format. He is a member of the Playing With Power collective.




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Timestamps: Audio Version

0:03:30 parenthood
0:10:54 communication as parents
0:16:05 Higher’s social work and philosophy for mentoring youth
0:25:00 Higher’s childhood / getting into Magic
0:36:24 how Yu-Gi-Oh influenced Higher’s Magic deckbuilding
0:42:30 multiplayer Magic: threat assessment and brewer’s advantage
0:52:24 getting better at multiplayer Magic & CEDH
0:57:19 high-level post-game CEDH analysis: does it exist?
1:03:55 why CEDH? it started with Selvala
1:06:12 embracing Kenrith in CEDH
1:07:54 playing online, leveling up and mindset
1:16:05 on brewing decks and leaving a deckbuilding legacy
1:21:20 value of human connection above value of content metrics
1:22:50 the point when Higher became a content creator
1:28:35 “competitive” EDH – what does it actually mean?
1:33:30 content creator advice for collaborating with others
1:36:34 joining the Playing With Power collective
1:41:57 collaborating with The Professor for Shuffle Up And Play
1:46:54 Higher’s creator goals
1:48:40 current relationship with Magic
1:50:58 Higher is a beatboxer – the LIVE performance
1:58:06 Higher makes music
1:59:05 why “Higher” as the name?




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