Jamie Topples and Jon Rigatti | Humans of Magic

Jamie Topples is a Magic content creator and painter. Jon Rigatti is a Magic player and musician. Together, this incredible couple makes sweet Magic happen.




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Timestamps: Audio Version

0:03:30 Jon is a musician / Jamie likes to sing and dance
0:11:29 Jon introduced Jamie to Magic
0:19:12 how Jamie started streaming Magic
0:27:15 Jamie’s first draft and LGS end boss
0:31:44 Jamie’s streaming motivation
0:33:08 Jon’s current relationship with Magic
0:36:19 MTGO vs. Magic Arena
0:41:47 Taalia Vess, Lady Lavinias, Ben Wheeler and Hunter Pence
0:46:20 “the last GP” and table talking with Jaberwocki, aka Logan Nettles
0:48:43 shout-out to Melvin the Muppet
0:50:59 how Jamie joined The Ponder Podcast
0:52:20 Jamie was a massage therapist / Magic at weddings
0:57:26 how Jamie and Jon first met (MUST LISTEN)
1:04:44 joint passions: music, video games, card games
1:07:48 sacred cows in Magic / Jamie goes IN on 17Lands.com
1:18:24 spontaneity makes Magic drafts great
1:20:05 balancing watchability vs. winning as a streamer
1:24:42 losing gems SUCKS – James can relate
1:28:07 Limited Resources, Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas
1:33:10 Jamie had a dream about Marshall Sutcliffe…as Hoard Dragon
1:39:26 the time Jamie registered 41 cards
1:41:08 Jamie does painting commissions!
1:48:50 Jamie’s favorite band – Coheed and Cambria
1:52:58 rapid-fire Q&A


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