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Rebell Son is a content creator, YouTuber, and UX designer.




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Timestamps: Audio Version

3:20 playing 1v1 formats
8:03 on group-think and the need to play the cards to evaluate them
12:02 content creators are not incentivized to break formats
14:15 roots in the Modern format / competitive gaming issues
16:18 Rebell’s first time playing Commander / playing Magic creates stories
19:02 attraction to puzzles
20:55 why Rebell gets angry as a gamer / Overwatch vs. MTG
25:30 Rebell’s father
37:18 Rebell’s mother
41:06 the concept of ‘face’ in families, the self, and Asian culture
47:14 on the complications of Asian-American identity
55:28 Rebell’s accidental road to content creation: 1-minute CEDH games
1:04:37 breaking through: pushing the content ‘envelope’ further
1:10:19 expect the unexpected / experimentation vs. mastery
1:11:31 advice for content creators: “it’s an endurance game”
1:23:37 Rebell’s trans identity / the transition journey, as a creator and person
1:37:08 forays into the vtuber route: Rebell AI vs. human person
1:44:10 the intersection of business and content strategy
1:46:50 the “Untitled” project: it’s all about the people
2:02:39 upgrading “Untitled”: leveling up as a director and producer
2:07:31 more advice for creators: “always expect that this is NOT going to be the thing”
2:11:46 Rebell’s relationship with the community / CEDH community evolution
2:20:51 Rebell on objectivity and problem-solving: go wide
2:22:58 what Rebell brings to the Commander Advisory Group (CAG)
2:30:05 the value of diversity of thought




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James Hsu is a content creator, author, and entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of two companies: Stream Sage and CardBoard.Live.

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