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Brian Kibler is a Magic Hall of Famer, pro gamer, game designer and broadcaster.




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Timestamps: Audio Version

3:30 a day in the life of a Hearthstone streamer
7:02 why Brian has stayed with Hearthstone for streaming
14:48 how Brian views and experiences Commander
24:05 Post Malone convinced Brian to play Commander
32:09 James’s first encounter with the Kibler playmat
37:07 there is a Brian Kibler impersonator out in the wild
40:02 Brian explains Live Action Role Playing (LARP)
47:20 what Brian enjoys about LARP
51:52 Brian’s history with pets
53:49 Brian’s current relationship with Magic
55:07 how Brian feels about the new Magic Organized Play system
58:38 Magic is not a spectator sport – it’s meant to be experienced
1:04:19 how Brian feels about Magic coverage (or lack thereof)
1:07:28 competitive Magic has a marketing/content problem
1:12:14 Magic products should focus on the less competitive player base
1:14:28 removing the “Pro Tour” name was a big mistake
1:15:33 games are fun when they contain randomness
1:19:18 designing the “VS System” card game – and why it failed
1:23:11 why Steam’s Artifact failed
1:23:41 game incentives: legitimacy vs. prize pool
1:27:28 Brian’s greatest Magic tournament ever
1:28:50 how Brian feels about his Magic career
1:31:34 how Brian strengthened his mental game
1:34:40 Brian’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony
1:35:26 the time Brian trolled Harvard college admissions



What draws Brian to Commander

Commander deckbuilding = game design

The sickest Magic Hall of Fame run of all time


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