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Alan of Mental Misplay is a content creator, kung fu practitioner, and student of gonzo journalism.




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Timestamps: Audio Version

2:42 structuring content and accountability
10:10 streaming an EDH game: challenges & considerations
15:50 the hard reality of being a full-time creator
18:30 Alan’s Magic and EDH origin story
24:35 Ramp Gang, Rebell Son and “let’s record these games”
31:44 where Alan’s showmanship comes from
38:41 did Alan play other constructed formats?
40:03 Alan breaks down CEDH and multiplayer dynamics
48:38 blurring the line between competitive and casual
55:42 the evolution of Alan as a player and personality
1:00:01 how the pandemic impacted Alan
1:03:56 Alan worked in sales for over a decade
1:09:00 Alan’s parents
1:13:57 Alan’s kung fu training and philosophy
1:29:25 James’s forays into Buddhism and keeping an open mind
1:33:40 Temporal Extortion deck tech videos
1:41:27 the Mental Misplay aesthetic / Rebell is an innovator
1:45:52 gonzo performative chaos: doing floor coverage
1:57:39 Alan studied art, photography and industrial design
2:04:27 “breaking through” with content
2:08:55 Alan’s mission: the travel and coverage show
2:22:05 the underlying motivation
2:32:10 has Alan ever performed stand-up comedy or improv?



Kung fu fighting with the RZA

Game recognize game

The Mental Misplay method


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