Michael Sinclair II | Humans of Magic

Michael Sinclair II is a tabletop RPG performer, voice actor, and Magic content creator.




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Timestamps: Audio Version

2:30 intro / career aspirations
5:03 Michael’s critique of computer science
9:11 Michael recently moved back to the Pacific Northwest
15:00 what Michael loves about the Pacific Northwest
17:56 formative experiences in the US Navy
24:55 exploring communities: kink, BDSM and marginalized folks
35:55 Michael’s multicultural childhood
48:47 life coaching: experience & takeaways
1:00:05 how Michael feels about his identity and roots
1:03:40 how Michael became a content creator through Dungeons & Dragons
1:10:37 the process of becoming a D&D character
1:19:32 the voice acting origin story
1:23:26 Michael’s source of empathy
1:26:06 family dynamics
1:28:28 Michael’s D&D career highlights
1:32:06 what Michael would tell folks who’ve never played D&D before
1:38:44 how Michael got into Magic: “interesting and scary” / Rakdos gang
1:47:19 working with The Professor, Jesse and Skyler
1:52:51 Michael’s creator progression & the future


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