Taalia Vess | Humans of Magic

Taalia Vess is an actor and multimedia content creator.

Timestamps: audio podcast

3:06 intro
6:10 Taalia’s coffee routine
10:26 Taalia’s diet
11:27 life of a creator: upcoming events
12:53 Taalia is opening up her own LGS
14:57 from Twitch to Whatnot
20:48 what will Taalia’s LGS be like?
24:39 leaving the comfort zone as a creator
29:26 authenticity
33:15 parasocial relationships
35:59 being around toxic and controlling people
37:27 how Taalia started making Magic content
42:43 Taalia was an actress
43:59 early streamer growth: how Taalia did it
47:42 finding a support network: then vs. now
50:01 being in male-dominated communities
53:24 the internet makes us misbehave
57:39 working with ZBexx and other female creators
1:02:37 is there an endgame for equality and equal representation?
1:08:13 being in control as a content creator
1:12:39 how Taalia deals with burnout
1:19:16 Hunter Pence and the witches store
1:23:23 first time playing Magic
1:24:46 Taalia loves anime and horror films
1:29:28 how Taalia got into the horror genre
1:34:27 Taalia wanted to be a model
1:39:25 k-drama talk
1:41:54 Taalia’s anime recommendations
1:48:44 Taalia’s watching these TV shows
1:54:29 rapid-fire Q&A: Pokemon, video games, fashion, dogs
2:11:34 why the name “Taalia Vess”?


How Taalia discovered Magic

Taalia on content creation: “shoot your shot”

Taalia’s favorite horror movies


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