Ben Seck | Humans of Magic

Ben Seck is an Australian Magic: The Gathering player and Creative & Game Design Director.

Ben is one of the top Limited format players in the game, and the only player to have won a Grand Prix in Africa.

Timestamps: audio podcast

2:58 intro
7:24 Seattle vs. Barcelona lifestyle
14:47 career progression in the American tech industry
18:58 Ben’s parents / Asian upbringing / finding Magic
23:16 landing on a game design career / nature of learning
27:46 Magic’s rise alongside the early World Wide Web
35:53 ethical play in Magic
38:13 Australian Magic community
40:17 nature of offenses / societal rules / inclusion
47:38 casual vs. competitive gaming communities
51:25 what would cause Magic to fail
58:57 inside Wizards of the Coast
1:02:36 “Magic is one of the best ways to self-actualize”
1:09:14 game design goals / digital ownership / mental models
1:18:57 behavioral psychology of players / moral obligations in design
1:22:34 how to have BALANCED game discourse
1:30:14 “Magic is getting too expensive”
1:37:53 meeting Brian David-Marshall / boat ride with BDM / cooking competition
1:47:51 cooking origin story / game design gig at Upper Deck
1:52:26 game design aspirations: “auditioning” for Wizards of the Coast
2:01:52 biggest learning at Upper Deck: listen first
2:10:02 how Ben views EDH / Magic as game engine
2:19:53 creating Limited content with LSV and Marshall Sutcliffe: planning & execution
2:26:57 Marshall Sutcliffe is the BEST at what he does
2:33:52 takeaways from recording “reverse set reviews”


The ol’ switcheroo

What would KILL Magic The Gathering?


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