Tappy Toe Claws | Humans of Magic

Tappy Toe Claws is a cosplayer, content creator and microbiologist.

Timestamps: audio podcast

3:30 intro
6:51 better work situation = happier
12:16 Magic origin story
16:26 starting cosplay at 14 years old
22:06 Tappy as a kid
26:11 favorite Pokemon team
29:11 college & Midwestern cosplay: Daisho Con
34:44 what keeps Tappy engaged with cosplay?
41:17 cosplay integrity – does it exist?
44:34 generalists vs. specialists
50:53 nature of human debate
52:47 what IS cosplay?
58:53 what would you say to cosplay fans?
1:07:55 being “in character” / asking for a photo
1:19:11 lessoned learned: energy levels, costume goals
1:24:34 deeper into the Magic cosplay community
1:29:55 working with The Professor
1:33:33 Jhoira Office Hours: the origin story
1:44:23 going bigger as an MTG content creator
1:49:05 Ral Zarek
1:52:15 Game Knights
1:55:11 authenticity / public positions / identity politics
2:07:54 pressure to make statements? / cultivating a community
2:11:42 “are we all just f**ked?”
2:25:21 maintaining motivation
2:32:42 drawing boundaries


Tappy will NEVER admit this to The Professor

DO NOT tell this to a cosplayer


Magic: The Gathering Office Hours – Jhoira of the Ghitu and The Mending of Dominaria [used with permission from Tolarian Community College]

Tappy Toe Claws cosplay photo gallery

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