The Asian Avenger | Humans of Magic

Crim Nguyen, a.k.a. The Asian Avenger, is a musician and content creator.

Timestamps: audio podcast

3:15 hair talk
8:37 present-day grind
11:05 family
12:47 fear of flying
15:48 dealing with fear
17:42 Crim’s content creation evolution / being on multiple platforms
24:52 “can I be entertaining regardless of the game?”
27:33 changing lanes as a creator: “isn’t it fucking scary?”
32:06 reframing success and failure / switching games
36:32 planning and not planning / Devin Nash
41:21 Humans of Magic: on YouTube! / be bold and learn along the way
43:03 creating is open-ended: but you can be your harshest critic
44:58 expect the unexpected / do it for yourself
49:50 keep shooting your shot / be persistent
52:10 has Crim ever been intentionally inauthentic?
56:25 turning your energy level DOWN, not UP
59:13 content: what’s working and what isn’t?
1:03:21 how to easily burn out? focus on metrics
1:05:19 the Dunning-Kruger effect
1:09:14 is Crim a perfectionist?
1:10:50 dealing with burnout: “this saved my streaming life”
1:23:17 seeking variety / not sitting still
1:29:20 musings: the INTERVIEWER role / inside the Humans of Magic studio
1:36:57 how much accomplishment is enough?
1:39:14 “what anime do you like, James?”
1:41:26 focusing on one hobby / “my fandom goes in cycles”


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James Hsu

James Hsu is a content creator, author, and entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of two companies: Stream Sage and CardBoard.Live.

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