Alexander Hayne | Humans of Magic

Alexander Hayne is widely considered to be the greatest Canadian Magic player of all time. He is the Pro Tour Avacyn Restored Champion.

Timestamps: audio podcast

6:36 is Alex old-school?
8:09 from learning Magic to playing the Pro Tour
12:17 present-day relationship with Magic
16:27 figuring out what’s next
18:02 the fire vs. the grind
21:48 depression & the rear-view mirror
26:11 “mistakes shape who I am”
29:03 tools from therapy
36:10 mental health stigma
38:26 PT Barca mindset
47:41 winning PT Barca & unforeseen consequences
52:20 being a relatively unknown player
54:29 negative side of Magic fame
59:43 chasing another PT top eight / hall of fame eligibility
1:04:41 on streaming
1:08:02 “plays nearly perfect all the time”
1:10:14 habits & diminishing returns
1:14:20 the period when Alex worked the hardest
1:18:08 humility vs. bravado
1:20:08 heels in today’s game
1:21:13 art of trolling
1:29:50 is pro gatekeeping real? / to be the best? network
1:43:20 objective truth, do we want it?
1:50:05 state of content today / PVDVR is the content GOAT / attention spans
2:01:05 passion as a creator: find your lane
2:08:01 writing fiction / reading over 3,000 books
2:17:04 what should WOTC do in the short term? long term?
2:26:15 rant on the current Modern format / Alex’s favorite formats of all time


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Alexander on Twitter

Alexander’s writing on mental health

Pro Tour Avacyn Restored: Top 8 Finals

Humans of Magic

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