Dom Harvey | Humans of Magic

Dom Harvey is a high-level Magic: The Gathering player and content creator. He writes for Star City Games and runs the Dominaria’s Judgment podcast.

Timestamps: audio podcast

3:23 intro
10:15 UK to Canada: “my life was going nowhere”
17:29 being a Brit who doesn’t like soccer
22:15 the most Canadian thing Dom has picked up?
23:27 it’s about the gathering
27:38 on prize splits and feel-bads
32:37 the fire
35:38 growing up with competitive Magic
41:05 oral history of Pro Tour Philadelphia: concept to reality
51:08 James’s favorite part of the oral history
57:38 state of MTG content & creator incentives
1:11:35 dealing with burnout
1:15:31 what would (younger) Dom do?
1:16:20 path to SCG commentator
1:24:44 streaming: yay or nay?
1:27:15 future goals
1:29:41 deck-building & creativity

Timestamps: YouTube

Check the YouTube video description!

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Pro Tour Philadelphia And The Birth Of Modern: An Oral History

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Dominaria’s Judgment podcast on Patreon

Humans of Magic

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