Joseph Johnson | Humans of Magic

Joseph Johnson is an actor and content creator.

Show Notes

[9:12] First Comicon experience / meeting John Wick
[12:45] Becoming a character
[17:20] Acting: nature vs. nurture
[22:37] Art of improv / having fun with it
[26:15] Working in the film industry
[29:07] Empathy vs. ego / the importance of your circle
[35:12] “The pandemic made me realize I need to step my game up”
[37:08] Falling in love with acting
[43:57] Lessons from the community
[46:34] Ambition / staying in the game
[52:10] Positive influence of parents
[58:52] Growing up in Flint, Michigan
[1:04:43] Diffusing a dangerous situation
[1:09:42] BLM
[1:17:52] Tabletop Jocks vision
[1:20:45] ‘The Cookout’ / representation matters
[1:31:14] Normalizing black nerd culture
[1:39:22] Attention to detail: the Tabletop Jocks aesthetic
[1:43:09] Learnings / areas to grow
[1:49:05] Community mailbag
[1:57:47] Why Magneto is Joe’s favorite X-Men character
[2:00:42] Advice for first-time content creators

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