Veggie Wagon | Humans of Magic

Veggie Wagon is a comedian and content creator.

Show Notes

[7:14] Moving to Medford, Mass
[13:36] Chemistry degree to acting career
[18:00] Veggie as actor
[20:41] Performing for others as a kid
[23:15] Growing up adopted
[32:24] Weight of self-expectation
[35:46] On family
[41:29] Charity work: motivation
[45:49] A content creator’s responsibility
[51:49] Masks we wear as creators
[54:19] Gathering Support: lessons learned
[1:07:12] Origin of ‘Veggie Wagon’ name
[1:12:31] Influences: Back to the Future
[1:23:34] Measuring success
[1:29:49] Live versus recorded comedy
[1:41:41] influences: Jackie Chan
[1:51:01] Make something for yourself — but don’t take too long
[1:57:04] Community mailbag

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Video review by Tolarian Community College


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