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Milan Bhayana is one of the youngest players to qualify for the Magic Online Champions Showcase (MOCS) and Magic Pro Tour. He is a Top Chef competitor and owner of the ‘lilchefmil’ Tik Tok account with 921K followers.

Show Notes

Milan on Twitter

Milan on Tik Tok

[3:42] Attending school online
[6:39] Offline connections matter
[11:32] College aspirations
[14:16] Building a Tik Tok account with his sister
[18:27] Top Chef experience
[22:40] Top Chef takeaways
[24:15] Parents
[28:28] Magic origin story
[31:33] Learning mindset: Magic and cooking
[34:19] Magic Online during class
[39:21] Magic Online shout-outs: boomer-zoomers
[41:15] Why are zoomers playing Magic?
[42:17] Future MTG competitive play goals
[45:21] Future Tik Tok goals

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