DeQuan “PowrDragn” Watson | Humans of Magic

DeQuan “PowrDragn” Watson is a Magic YouTuber and content creator.




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0:01:15 does DeQuan experience Magic content “burnout”?
0:03:47 the creator deckbuilding process
0:08:05 “I monitor everything”
0:10:46 don’t do the same thing and expect a different result
0:12:57 DeQuan’s creator origin story
0:16:44 on doing the work – streamer research
0:19:25 YouTube primary, Twitch secondary
0:25:56 YouTube monetization – celebrate it!
0:27:24 on being results-oriented as a creator, and finding your own way
0:31:02 growing on YouTube in the early stage
0:35:30 is DeQuan the same on-camera vs. off-camera?
0:38:35 things DeQuan tried that didn’t quite work
0:41:06 the “PowrDragn” name
0:43:19 new Lord of the Rings set – general impressions
0:45:40 new Lord of the Rings set – race and representation
0:53:56 “how do we get out of our own heads?”
1:01:31 being a gaming nerd in black culture
1:08:51 DeQuan’s upbringing


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