“Ask Me Anything” episode | Humans of Magic

Here is the “Ask Me Anything” episode, in which I answer YOUR submitted questions. (Over a beer or two…)

Have a listen!

The question list:



Elora Malat

What was your inspiration for the podcast?


Pleasant Kenobi

What made you choose a podcast over other forms of content?


Pat Euglow

What are the parameters to choose guests?

Favorite guest?

Do you ever want to really press a guest and decide not to?

Any regrets?

Wish list for future guests?


Conor O’Donnell

When doing research for a show, what’s your process like? Do you search for particular information or look for broad characteristics?


Andrew Elenbogen

By what process do you decide the list of topics to discuss with each guest?


Julian Knab

Do you have content creators in the greater esports universe you look up to and consume content from? Who are your content-creating heroes?

What are the most memorable lessons you learned about content-creation?


Syvantir, Storm Conduit

What one piece of advice would you give to aspiring content creators?


Eric Vergo

What’s your vision for the future of the podcast?


Peter Mysels

What tech do you use to record the podcast? Mics, recording devices, mixers, audio platforms, etc. I’d love to hear it all and the step-by-step process you take!


Neil (@falconguy5)

Which interview was the most fun to do?


[Life stuff]


Kendra Smith

Why are you so awesome?


Steve Mcgillivray

I’d like to hear a bit about your family history and what your upbringing was like.


Rick Longo

I want to know about your life trajectory, because it seems pretty interesting and unique. When/why did you first come to Canada, and when/why did you return to Asia? 


Pleasant Kenobi

How does your time in China affect your ability to engage with or consume Magic content – from coverage to general videos/articles?

Of all your achievements, what is your proudest?



What would 20-year old James think if he saw you now? Would he be suprised?


Ian McKeown (The Dead Format)

What are your thoughts on Andrew Yang?


[General Magic]



What kind of Magic (format, archetypes, play styles) do you most enjoy?



What do you think about the Reserved List and the barrier of entry it creates into Legacy? Any ideas on how to solve them?



Hey James, what would YOU tell yourself 10 years ago and 10 years into the future?


Elliott (Counterspelliot)

Where do you see competitive Magic in 5 years?


Jeff Kinsey (Canadian Threshold)

What is your favorite Magic-related memory?

What attracts you to a deck?

Are you ever moving back to Vancouver, Canada?


Arthur King

EDH (aka Commander) is one of the most popular ways to play Magic. What keeps you away from the format, and why do you think people love it so much?


Patrick Euglow

How do you feel about the state of Magic Twitter?



What is the difference between the magic communities in the Western and Eastern worlds (not just at the highest levels but at the lowest levels like FNM).

In your experience what preconceived notions do players have about other communities? Are they correct?


Reinhardt Gao

What’s the best part you’d introduce to the world about the Chinese MTG community?


Jeremy Edwards

If you can recall in detail, what is your best come-from-behind victory in a tournament?




Yigit Nephan

What was the development/milestone in CBL project/idea that made you decide that “it is the right time to quit my daily job”?

Any opportunities missed in the past, which would make CBL better today?

How does it feel like making a living out of your hobby?


Jonathan Zhang

Now that CBL has been proliferated a lot, what is your vision for it going forward?


Cheng Zhi

How does CardBoard Live decide and manage its team members, and who to sponsor?



Other than Twitch, what other platforms are CBL looking to collaborate with?


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