The Jarvis Yu double-header special: (1) personal year-in-review; (2) Legacy Lands primer!

Jarvis Yu is back. Jarvis was my first guest on the show, and I am excited to have him back. In this two-part series, I sit down with him for an in-depth conversation.

Part 1 — Jarvis’s personal year-in-review

Jarvis opens up about his accomplishments, goals, and insights for the coming year. He is also brutally honest about where he needs to improve in order to reach the next level. As Jarvis plays on the Pro Tour and is a regular on Team Massdrop East, you may find his observations helpful to your own player development.

Listen to Part 1 here:

Part 2 — Legacy Lands mini-primer + Q&A

Straight from the master himself. Jarvis is one of the most accomplished Lands players on the planet—two Grand Prix Top 8 finishes, including 1 win, and a Top 16 finish—and is uniquely qualified to speak on this subject. We cover deck basics, matchups, card choices, and more. Definitely give this episode a listen if you want to unlock the intricacies of the deck.

Listen to Part 2 here:

For maximum Jarvis, make sure you listen to both parts. I hope that you enjoy listening to this double-header series as much as I enjoyed recording it.

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Read full text transcripts of “Humans” audio interviews here:

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James Hsu

James Hsu is a content creator, author, and co-founder of CardBoard.Live. Through the Humans of Magic project, he gets deep and personal with Magic personalities about their backgrounds, passions, and competitive mindset.

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