Noah Walker is the wisest 21 year old around. On family, passions, and the competitive fire!

This week, I want to share a conversation that I had with 21-year old wunderkind Noah Walker. Noah is a Magic player, competitor, basketball enthusiast, and…camp counselor?!?

In fact, the conversation started off quite slowly. Noah was not quite sure what to make of some stranger asking him questions over Skype.

But once we started talking about his passion for helping kids, and how he is giving back to the same summer camp that he has attended since he was eight years old…


We ended up having quite a good talk about everything. Family. Growing up in Massachusetts. Facing defeat and picking yourself back up. The Boston Celtics. The importance of possessing the proper mindset, especially in the heat of competition.

I certainly knew very little about Noah at the beginning of our conversation. But I walked away from our chat extremely impressed. And to think that Noah is only 21 years old — that is pure awesome!

That is why I am excited to share this recording with you, as part of the “Humans of Magic” series.

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James Hsu

Chinese-Canadian writer and honorary Beijinger.

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