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Pleasant Kenobi, a.k.a. Vince, is a Magic and Warhammer 40K content creator.




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Timestamps: Audio Version

0:03:25 being embarrassed by your own stuff / creating with time constraints
0:09:15 the role of luck, privilege and timing
0:11:49 recording “Dies to Removal” with The Professor
0:16:06 Magic 30 packs & the slippery slope of high-end Magic product
0:22:36 devil’s advocate argument FOR the Magic 30 packs
0:26:29 negativity works – the YouTuber’s dilemma
0:27:59 James bought the Duel Masters Black Lotus
0:32:20 recent adventures: Flesh & Blood Pro Tour, 40K tournament, 40K EDH collabs
0:35:15 how Vince got into Warhammer 40K / 40K economics / proxy minis
0:41:51 what Vince loves the most about 40K / balancing 40K and Magic
0:46:09 which community is worse: 40K or Magic?
0:51:44 the Games Workshop culture
0:54:56 The Horus Heresy / the art of speaking out about certain topics
1:01:53 the tenor of online conversations: “people are just more aware”
1:04:01 Vince has a mixed ethnic heritage / using his voice to impact others
1:07:02 on giving people second chances
1:11:39 on taking in, and responding to, community feedback
1:14:47 James enjoys Vince’s tweets
1:16:33 art of the effective YouTube thumbnail
1:18:11 is Twitter ‘real’ for Vince?
1:23:23 Vince’s first Magic preview card / WOTC corporate culture
1:26:31 is being a public personality all upside? James says no
1:30:07 how Vince feels about reaching 100K YouTube subs
1:32:19 future quantifiable, tangible goals
1:35:59 tension of creating both Magic and 40K content
1:40:40 would Vince build a content team to produce more?
1:42:43 James studies how to make better YouTube videos
1:48:21 on having a unique voice, and finding YouTube success despite low production quality
1:52:32 was Vince ever tempted to “pull the plug” on 40K content?
1:54:52 thoughts on the YouTube algorithm / aligning one’s content principles to goals
2:01:59 is platform diversification worth it?
2:05:12 on expecting a “return” for content creation efforts
2:08:47 on creator motivation / “the key to overnight success is years of work”
2:12:32 how Vince celebrated the 100k subs milestone




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